viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2007

Cada racó d'aquesta casa (Tarragona)

Homenatge als racons que té aquesta ciutat.
Gràcies Tarragona per tots aquests bons moments.

Worried, I look to the future. A new year is coming and so much to do!
I'm stucked in a moment and I cannot get out of it, the only scape seems to be the sea, but now the water is dark and there's no place where to hide from the wind.

I walk back from the beach and I lose myself on Tarragona streets, that are the only consolation for the ones who don't find their place in life.
Every corner of that city reminds me to you, even though you've never been here. But I know you'd love it, like I do.
Winter make us feel "off" but the sunny days a golden sunlight moistens the streets in a mediterranian flavour.
Bad days always end, and even though the city is getting smaller for us, we always find that place we need to hide from the world.
Is not necessary to look through the window if you have at home all you need, but I feel nostalgic from everything that I still didn't live.
Maybe now is the moment? the shadows of the main avenue, on the sunset, will tell me. Or my own image on the mirror.

Dedicate to all the people in love with Tarragona. The ones who are truly in love, not that ones who want to destroy it building near the virgin beaches. If everything is wrong is for his fault.

Don't touch waikikis!

miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2007

Dalínianna (Barrakes Girona'07)

Art i festa a Girona.
Jo també vull ser una musa, però sempre soc darrera la càmera.
Jo també vull ser Galatea de les esferes, però amb gomets de colors.

Tot va amb retard, m'emprenya dependre d'una màquina, però ja són 3 setmanes sense ordinador i actualitzo amb un post d'octubre.